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The CoCA Habit: Esther Doss

Posted by caroline on May 24, 2016

esther bea doss; dailies 3-27.png
Esther Doss, Untitled, 3/27 from Dailies series. Pencil on paper.

CoCA Habit’s second feature stars comic artist Esther Doss. Esther is a rising senior at Cornish College of the Arts, and her work is autobiographical in nature. As a habitual practice, she makes comics daily that become a way of recording and reflecting on her life. Sometimes funny, sometimes extremely personal, and usually ridiculously relatable we are proud to share her work this month on CoCA Habit. 

“My daily comics began as a diary practice and were not originally meant to be seen by the public. I make one every day, usually late at night when I’m slightly drunk. I’m a very solitary  person with a deep interest in how people connect with one another. I suppose by demanding that people, some of which don’t know me beyond my comics, read the intimate, secret things I wrote for myself I am trying to make connections in the only way I feel I can. It’s incredibly interesting for me, to see where people find the profound, relatable, and humorous moments in my documented life.”

Check out more of Esther's humorous and relatable sketches below, and follow her work on Instagram, and Tumblr.


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