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February Blog: Kin-der-gar-ten of Light

Posted by Shirene on February 24, 2017

Image courtesy of Josh Larsen.

Something magical happens when you gaze at fiber optic lighting. It takes you to a different world where life no longer exists in the boring shapes, volumes or shadows we instantly recognize in day-to-day life, but in the form of glowing strings or sticks of light that entrance us and make us actively interpret what’s in front of our eyes.


If you were at this month’s CoCA Lab event in Georgetown, you will likely have had such an out-of-this-world experience! Thanks to talented duo Josh and Liz Larsen of the GlowFi team, fellow artists and art lovers were able to explore Kin-der-gar-ten of Light, an eclectic collection of new and experiential light art. This CoCA UN[contained] exhibit included “side glow fiber optics” that looked a bit like neon, a majestic Throne of Light you could sit on and interactive projection art. The effect of this colorful, flashing haze of lights was amplified by catchy tunes that played from the speakers. If a person stood in the space and closed their eyes, it wouldn’t have been difficult to feel transported to a dance club -- at least, the relaxed version of a dance club where people can have a conversation without having to yell over any loud music. In other words, the exhibit had a very laid-back aura where people could easily enjoy each other’s company while admiring the artwork.


With Kin-der-gar-ten of Light, Josh and Liz Larsen reminded us that not only can light be magical; it can also be just plain fun! From the Throne of Light that allowed people to feel like royalty (without letting the power go to their heads of course!) to the projection that was set up using an Xbox to make people look like colorful, ever-changing blobs, you were able to get in touch with your inner child.


In the same way kids want to watch, see and touch everything, the GlowFi team created an opportunity for us to do the same with their light art collection.


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