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Small Business Saturday

Posted by caroline on November 23, 2016



Saturday, November 26 is Small Business Saturday, an initiative encouraging the support of small businesses nationwide. This Saturday, #shopsmall and #supportlocal by visiting your local small businesses and art organizations. To help you on your way, we have rounded up a list of our neighboring small businesses in Pioneer Square (ourselves included), that will be open on Saturday.


Art Galleries/Studios

Tashiro Kaplan Artist Studios & Galleries: home to 13 galleries, 15 artist's studios, and 50 resident artists

CoCA: 114 3rd Ave S, 98104

Robert Marx V.jpgRobert Ernst Marx, "Nationalism is Tragic," (detail) 2001, etching/letterpress, 19" x 13" 

Final day of Robert Ernst Marx: "Considering the Voluntary Absence of God"

Exhibition Statement: Intolerance, violence and war in the name of a deity, church, tribe or state have dogged civilization from time immemorial. Robert Marx -as historian, journalist and prophet- comments on the arrogance of power; the exclusivity of the institutions of church and state; the abuse of and by both spouse and child; our own and others' personal fears and insecurities; and on the conventions we have chosen to impose upon ourselves. In light of global affairs today, and particularly in advance of the US presidential election, this work is timely. Viewers are invited not to abandon their beliefs, but for a sober moment at least to consider the voluntary absence of God. 

You may also find some of Robert Ernst Marx's broadsides from  "Considering the Voluntary Absence of God," on view at Davidson Galleries, part of their current exhibition, "Pick Your Poison | Politics in Print."


METHOD Gallery: 106 3rd Avenue South

On view through December 31: "Katie Miller: Vantage"

Exhibition statement: In Vantage, Katie Miller, explores the rapidly changing urban landscape and its impact on our sense of place. As the built environment transforms, can the past be reinterpreted from the vantage point of the present? Inspired by the pedestrian experience within the altered city, the work contemplates the tension that is created between the permanence and the temporality of a built environment. 
Fascinated by how people are affected by change in the places around them, the installation will create a space for engagement that challenges our relationship with our surroundings. Miller will create an immersive installation in which sculptural forms, light and shadow reference architectural silhouettes and the juxtaposition of historic and contemporary remnants. Read more...


Gallery 110: 110 3rd Ave. S

On view through November 26: Water is Everything: Work by Nancy Coleman and Darrel Rhea

Exhibition Statements: 

Nancy Coleman and Darrel Rhea have both been sailors since childhood, spending much of their adult lives sailing. They met when both worked in Design, finding romance and adventure on the water together navigating the San Francisco Bay and California Delta, living for years on a wooden Norwegian trawler in Sausalito. In 2001, Nancy and Darrel married and in 2011 moved to Seattle partly to explore the enticing Pacific Northwest’s waterways.


Over the years, both artists have developed a unique style to express their shared experiences and views of the water. Darrel’s romantic realism is painted digitally; Nancy’s Visionary works are in acrylic and encaustic. Water Is Everything is their first show together, and Darrel’s public debut as an artist. Read more...


CORE Gallery: 117 Prefontaine Pl S

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 5.13.08 PM.png

On view through November 26: "There Are Too Many Endangered Animals," and "Immediately After," paintings by Sara Everett, and paintings by Žanetka K. Gawronski

"There Are Too Many Endangered Animals" Sara Everett: Torn canvas artworks combined with animal portraiture depicts endangered species. Just as species represented are disappearing from our world, these portraits are hanging by a thread and fading into non-representation.

"Immediately After" Žanetka K. Gawronski: Paintings begun after a long decline and demise of a parent-- these are the first explorations in starting to understand.

ZINC Contemporary119 Prefontaine Pl S

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 5.47.03 PM.png

On view through November 26: Harold Hollingsworth

Juan Alonso Studio

juan alonso holiday hours.jpg

Holiday Hours: Shop Small Saturday, November 26, noon-5 pm.

The gift idea table is full of art related merchandise and will be set up this coming Shop Small Saturday, November 26, noon - 5 pm.

Some available items:

One-of-a-kind, hand-painted wine/liquor canvas carry bags - $35 each.
Pattern Coffee Mugs (available in 3 colors) - $15 each.
Set of 3 Pattern shot glasses with gold rim (3 colors per set) in burlap bag - $35/set of 3
Set of 4 Dessert Pattern ceramic coasters (4 designs each set) - $35/set of 4
One-of-a-kind, small paintings suitable for framing or sending as a card - $20 each (with envelope)
Assorted sets of printed Holiday & Greeting Cards with envelopes - $10 sets of 5 each
8 Days in Havana book - $90 each
Series of 10 small Pattern Paintings, acrylic on canvas, 12" x 12" - $650 each


Coming up soon:
Thursday, December 1, 5-8 pm with guest artist Gabriel Marquez
Saturday, December 3, noon - 5 pm.
Saturday, December 10, noon - 5 pm. with guest artists Nia Michaels & Gabriel Marquez
And of course, by appointment 206-390-4882


Juan Alonso Studio
306 S Washington St., Studio 104
Seattle, WA 98104


Smith & Vallee Gallery: 5742 Gilkey Ave
Artist Talk with Karen Hackenberg

karen hackenberg artist talk promo.jpg

 Karen Hackenberg, ''Shades of Green: Amphorae ca. 2012, oil on canvas, 25.5"x49.5"

Visit Smith & Vallee Gallery today for an artist talk by CoCA Member Artist, Karen Hackenberg, about her current exhibition of environmental paintings, "Oil and Water." The talk will be from 4-5pm, and refreshments will be provided.

Exhibition Statement: "Smith & Vallee is excited to showcase Karen Hackenberg's most recent body of work. In her ongoing painting series, Hackenberg takes a light-hearted, yet subversive approach to the serious subject of ocean degradation, presenting a tongue-in-cheek taxonomy of imaginary post-consumer sea creatures, and mimicking archeological artifact drawings and traditional history paintings.
Painting traditionally with oil and gouache, Karen lovingly and meticulously crafts images of post-consumer beach trash, aiming to create a provocative visual juxtaposition of form and idea..." Read more

Smith & Vallee Gallery is open daily from 11am-5pm, located at 5742 Gilkey Ave. in historic Edison, Washington.

Shops / Refreshment

Gallery Frames LLC: 311 3rd Ave S

Clementine's: 310 Occidental Ave S

Zeitgeist: 171 S Jackson St


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