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Special Performance Feb 20

Posted by admin on February 7, 2014

AJ Lindner

Benign Temporal Vertigo

Sound and video by AJ Lindner

7:00pm + 9:00pm
as part of ART@SDC Third Thursday Open Galleries.
CoCA Georgetown Gallery 5701 Sixth Ave S, Suite 258

In perfect accompaniment to our current exhibit, AJ Lindner will perform a piece from his psychology influenced "brainwave entrainment-core" carhartech project. The piece explores the subjective experience of time through targeted and applied sensory exploitation. Brainwave entrainment technologies, and psychological prompting are embedded in the audio/video.

Lindner is aware that he is employing techniques of subliminal coercion and induction purportedly used in the weaponization of mass media, advertisement, and cultic indoctrination, but assures audiences that the experience is intended to be ontological, not subjugating, in nature. Lindner has dedicated this piece to Fotamecus, the servitor of time manipulation.

AJ Lindner is a Seattle sound and video artist, curator, promoter, and experimental music advocate. His latest work is featured in the Storefronts Seattle project. Lindner's cathartech is an experimental media project that aims to meld music, psychology, technology, and occult processes into a unified force of functional audio audio that produces altered states of consciousness through intention. More info:

AJ Lindner


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