Heaven and Earth I

Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition at Carkeek Park

June 26 - September, 2009
Opening Saturday, June 27, 2009, 3pm-5pm at the Environmental Learning Center

In collaboration with the Carkeek Park Advisory Council, Seattle Parks and Recreation, the Department of Neighborhoods, and the Associated Recreational Council, CoCA will present an exhibition of temporary, outdoor sculptural installations in Carkeek Park organized around the theme of “Heaven and Earth,” from June 26 - August 10, 2009 (held over through Labor Day, September 7).

The sponsors asked artists for their interpretations of art and nature in a world of change.

Our parks are implicitly havens (“heavens”) where we go to relax, recreate, and, in Carkeek's case especially, walk through the woods. Carkeek is widely considered one of Seattle's premier urban forests...Sunset Magazine recently named it #3 among America's top 10 urban parks.

The artwork was constructed of primarily natural materials and was designed to have minimal impact on the park -- either decomposing organically, leaving “no trace” -- or, when removed at the end of the display period, leaving the park in essentially the same condition it was prior to installation.

Participating artists included Barbara De Pirro, Miguel Edwards, Aaron Haba, Meredith Hall and Vaughn Bell, Todd Lawson, Julie Lindell, Peppé, Stephen Rock, Gerry Stecca, Kristen Tollefson, and Sylwia Tur.

curated by David Francis

For more information, visit www.heavenandearthexhibition.org




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