Joan Engelmeyer: Conversations

Joan Engelmeyer


At CoCA Belltown

November - December, 2007

Joan Engelmeyer's painting are familiar to Seattle art-lovers, but here is something you haven't seen before. A few years ago, Joan got interested in encaustic, and transitioned to a new media. Since then, her work has gradually become both more abstract and more sculptural. In this collection of new work, Joan's chairs grow right out of the wax, each one with a personality, a history, and a story to tell.

Artist's Statement:

"I paint life with an eye for the underlying nerve that makes experience powerful and personal. Through minimal detail and stylized human forms, I hope to catch the viewer unaware. They see a simple scene but feel a richer drama, one they've witnessed, or been apart of. I choose my subjects for their levels of meaning and expression. Encaustic and oil painting allow for the depth of the subject. I use my subjects as metaphors for larger themes, reinforcing them through the use of different surfaces, materials, and design elements. In the series, "Conversations", chairs represent the human form. Painting in wax gives them an organic, skeletal structure. Aerial compositions challenge the viewer to realize and accept objectivity. In each scene there are infinite perspectives and in no way are we able to say which is correct. We can only observe and wonder. By producing a series of paintings on specific subjects, I attempt to sift down to the basic elements of experience-the conflicting core of emotions that make life complex and compelling. In the end, I hope the viewers see a refracted glimmer of their own lives through my work. "

-Joan Engelmeyer www.engelmeyerpaintings.com/



15th Annual CoCA Marathon and Auction

15th Annual CoCA Painting Marathon and Auction

At the Shilshole Bay Beach Club

November 8th and 9th, 2008

Marathon 9am Friday, November 8 - 9am Saturday, November 9
A 24 hour non stop art marathon, featuring 25 emerging and established artists.

Participating artists included Claudia Fitch, Noah Overby, Joe Reno, Marcie Myrick, Mattie Iverson, Brynda Glazier, James Hilbourne, Kamala Dolphin-Kingsley, David Chula Tupper, Lisa Collins, Sean Hurley, Jesse Edwards, Piper Hopkins, Patricia Hagen, Tom Cieciorka, Becky Shapiro, Randy McCoy, Patrice Tullai, Diem Chau, William Kupinse, Lara Conley, Robert Hargrave, Geoff Garza, Leslie Stoner, Doug Jeck, David Francis, Peter Bill, Amy Harris, Keenoy, and Sam Day.

Auction 5:30pm Saturday, November 9, 2007
Proceeds benefitting CoCA

Click here to view pdf of Live Auction catalog



John Schuh

John Schuh

Photo Collages

At CoCA Belltown

September - October, 2007

John Schuh is a photographer who creates images in two steps, first by photographing his subject or thematic content from hundreds of different angles, and then cutting and assembling small prints of these images into a larger image at a much larger scale. The relationship between the larger and smaller images can be compared to a fractal, as the images are often self-similar at multiple scales.



Holly A. Senn

Holly A. Senn


At CoCA Belltown

July - August, 2007

Textural, a site-specific installation, challenges viewers traversing an urban landscape to contemplate the life of the mind. Senn uses pages from discarded library books to create textures; the abstract forms are metaphors for the ways in which we gather and experience knowledge — the organic, non-linear process in which thoughts have a genesis and then are adopted, refuted, or discarded. Freeing viewers from literal reading, the reconfigured texts enable contemplation of the larger influences of a textural landscape.



Miguel Edwards

Miguel Edwards

"Someplaces I Went Last Summer"

At CoCA Belltown
April - June, 2007

The CoCA Belltown Gallery presents a single large mural by Seattle Artist, Photographer, and Sculptor Miguel Edwards.

It was originally commissioned by Debra. Media is Acrylic on Panel with Sequenced LEDs. This installation is dedicated to Blyss.

For more of Miguel Edwards' work, visit www.migueledwards.com

This was the inaugural show of the CoCA Belltown Gallery.


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