Bombs and Spears

Bombs and Spears/ Derin Smith

Titillating Distractions During Times of War

CoCA Belltown, 2721 First Ave (corner of First & Clay), Seattle, WA 98101
On View Every Day, 24 hours, October 1 - 31, 2010

Created by Derin Smith

I remember the feeling I had in my stomach when Bush went to war with Iraq. As the war went on, I often wondered about the Iraqi civilians. How many tens of thousands were killed or wounded, or had their lives destroyed. Although at home, we seemed to hear more about a panty-less Britney Spears than the war. Not much has changed since then. Whether it is Britney or Lindsay or Paris or Snooki, we are still at war and we are still constantly confronted with superficial distractions.

All paintings are 4 x 6 ft, oil on canvas, depicting a panty-less Britney Spears getting out of Paris Hilton's car. Bombs are 26 x 6 x 6 in, mixed media sculpture.

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