cycle series :: seven sauer :: 2010-2011

Cycle Series

CoCA Belltown, 2721 First Ave (corner of First & Clay), Seattle, WA 98101
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Nine or so years of summers in bike shops and associated doings continue to eclipse all other influences on the makeup of my being. Perhaps the greatest beauty I have ever experienced was that found while riding in a pace line, inches ahead of my follower, and inches from my leader, all good friends, at forty miles an hour, on fantastically artful (mostly Italian) bicycles, and wearing finely-crafted and styled cycling clothing (likely from Italy, France, Belgium). Then with the right tail wind, add 5 miles per hour and the audible music of hand-sewn latex, silk, and rubber tires, aired to 120psi (and yes, from Italy). At that time around the early 1980s, nearly every bike racer rode a chromium-molybdenum steel framed bike with primarily Campagnolo parts, likely Cinelli stem and handlebars, perhaps a Sella Italia seat and Super Champion rims, with ideally, Clement Criterium Seta Extra tires. Those who had money might include some extra-special titanium bits from Campagnolo or light-weight specials from Zeus, and there were relative standards for a poorer man. Bicycle racing was largely a test of man against man, team against team, all relatively similarly equipped. I learned to fetishize these pieces of hardware for the joy that they brought to me in their beauty and function, and the unavoidable interrelationship of cycling, love and sexuality. Through my Cycle-Series set of sculptures, I celebrate my enduring passion for bikes and cycling, and my tribulations with cycles of passion, tying in a variety of other influences up to the present.

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