2012 CoCA Annual

Juried by MK Guth

In My Backyard

A lab residency by Garrick Imatani

#TRACKSTARS empty ritual

Curated by Jodie Nelson at CoCA Belltown

Harvest Moon

Jody Joldersma, Flynn Bickley, and Aidan Fitzgerald

Alive, Dead: 28 artists' interpretations

Curated by Lucy Mae Martin

You Will Get Through

An Installation by Jeff Gerber

Show Us Yours

2012 CoCA Members' Show

Across the Divide IV: The New Boondocks

Curated by David Francis and Kevin Bell

Organic Painting

Dick Matthies & James Weed at CoCA Ballard

Laurel Kam: Visual Cues

Curated by Joseph Roberts at CoCA Ballard

Investigations in Composition, Collage, and Construction

Curated by David Francis at Willamette Cultural Resources

Carrie Bodle: Wavelines

Video and Sound Installation


Resin, Drawings and Paintings at CoCA Ballard

Penumbra: Miguel Edwards

Curated by Jodie Nelson at CoCA Belltown

They've Released the INTRUDER

An Exhibit of Seattle's Latest Underground Comic Art at CoCA Ballard

CoCA serves the Pacific Northwest as a catalyst and forum for the advancement, development, and understanding of Contemporary Art

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