Who Are You?
2014 CoCA Members' Show

Closing November 7. Exhibition Catalog Available Now.


Inanna 2 Haven by Randi-Ganulin

Randi-Ganulin  Inanna #2: Haven, 2014, Archival pigment print, 28 x 24"

Our artist members' responses to the theme Who Are You? go so much deeper than the ubiquitous selfie. 

From conceptual investigations about the body to explorations of space and alternate universes, Who Are You? offers a broad range of artistic voices through diverse mediums including video and sketchbook, up-cycled and re-cycled, paint and even chocolate. Exhibition highlights include a painting that encases actual fruit flies, a concrete rubble duck infused with gold, dental x-ray viewers, and twisted tire tread re-shaped into an elegant abstraction. 3D glasses are encouraged. 

Two CoCA Past-Presidents are collaborating to bring the 2014 Member Show to life. Ray C. Freeman III, CoCA President 2009-2013 is producing the show, and the work was selected by Joseph C. Roberts, CoCA Curator since 2007, and CoCA President 2005-2008.

Catalog Release Party & Artist Led Exhibition Tours 
Thursday, October 16, 5-9pm
CoCA Georgetown Gallery
5701 6th Ave S | Seattle Design Center, Suite P258 | 98108
Always free admission and parking

Be surprised, inspired and amazed. Enjoy a tasty beverage in the Members’ Lounge, reunite with friends, meet our newest artists, members, volunteers and patrons. Buy art: support living artists!

Who Are You? will run through November 7, 2014.
Gallery will be open Mon-Fri, 10am-4pm.

Participating Artists:

Judy Allen, Chris Anderson, Anonymous Artist, Kree Arvanitas, Daya Bonnie Astor, Jessie Baldwin, Laif Bannon, Michelle Bear, Jeremy Beliveau, Tyson Benard, Randal Bennett, Matthew Boulay, Daniel Boyer, Reginald Brooks, Tabitha Brown, Trina Carlson, Melissa Carter, Peter Ceccarelli, Jennifer Chin, Susan Christian, Sandra Collins, Brittney Connelly, Mary Coss, Grace Ann Cummings, Jessica Damsky, Philip Donahue, Dana Doran, Leslie Ebert, Chloë Feldman Emison, Janavi Folmsbee, Shawn Foote, Eliza Furmansky, Susan Gans, Randi Ganulin, Galen Garwood, Bill Gaylord, Beatrice Geller, Vanessa Godden, Ted Grudowski, Nate Herth, Peter Hiers, Emma High, Ellen Hochberg, Patrick Howe, John Hunter, Stephen Hunter, il, ben Ireland, Jody Joldersma, Jeanette Jones, David Julian, Michele Jurist, Lita Kenyon, Thendara Kida-Gee, George Kimball, Deborah Knetzger, Dayton Knipher, Melissa Koch, Mark Lubich, L. Kelly Lyles, Anna Macrae, Amirra Malak, Katie Maloney, Pamela Markman, Gabriel Marquez, Lucy Mae Martin, Holly Martz, Akiko Masker, Savina Mason, Emily McLaughlin, Anne Marie McNamara, Naoko Morisawa, Christopher Morrison, Joy Munt, Debbi Murray, Hanna Myers, Erika Norris, Patri O'Connor, June Olson, Jean Louise Paquin Allen, Trude Parkinson, Wanda Pelayo, Peppé, Rosie Peterson, Carol Pettersen, Trung Pham, Alain Poussot, Sophie Pritchard, Lynne Rigby, Stephen Rock, Brenda Scallon, Garreth Schuh, Ray Schutte, j shagam, Kathleen Shannon, Patrick Slattery, Jeffrey Smith, Kristie Smith, Morgan Sobel, Dara Solliday, Phil Stoiber, Mimi Sturman, Brett Sutton, Craig Svare, Kalindi Thompson, Megan Treasure, Danielle Villegas, Judy Williams, Kathleen Woodward, Suze Woolf, Cynthia Yatchman, Paul Young, Alan Zalkin, and John Zimmerman.


4culture_color.jpg This project was supported, in part, by an award from 4Culture.

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