The More Things Change

On view through March 13.  

New Gallery Hours: Wed-Fri, 11am-5pm

Special Performances

Keeara Rhoades as Cutie Beauty:

Keeara Rhoades as Cutie Beauty

Cutie Beauty & The BAT-SWING fly

At CoCA Gallery:
5701 Sixth Avenue South, Seattle Design Center, P258, 98108 

Tuesday, Feb 24, 11am–4pm
In a Field Beyond the Horses (where bats swing) – The Pitcher

Tuesday, Mar 10, 7–10pm (CoCA Membership Meeting)
Closing Performance
Annual Membership Meeting, Everyone is Invited!

Live Feeds from Andralamusya

See live feeds of Cutie Beauty as she films more of the episode at Andralamusya, a home-based performance space. For a complete schedule visit:

In this group exhibition we feature works by Seattle artists exploring new territory. For some, all territory is new as they are young and just starting out. For others, the territory encompasses inquiries into areas where technology and art meld to create novel forms and experiences.

One cannot go exploring without a safe home base, and most of these artists keep at least one foot on familiar ground. The men offer us toys of sorts, from shiny, precision made devices to constructions of fantasy militaria. The women invite us into metaphorical homes where there is, of course, comfort, danger, and extensive examinations of the intricacies of intimate relationships.

There are two things they all have in common, one in meaning, the other in mode of delivery. These artists are seeking to define the forces that undermine our salvation, and they’re seeking them through play. In several instances, the audience is invited to join in, and tasked with hands on exploration.

Come push buttons, rearrange a dysfunctional landscape, or take part as a studio audience member on a film set. Examine in detail proposed end runs around our dystopian future, and discover how to leave signs of our collective consciousness, and grief, after we are long gone.

Participating artists include: Ben Sarao, Keeara Rhoades, Spar Wilson, Priscilla Dobler, Alexander Keyes, Robert Tucker, J. Shagam.

Curated by Lynn Schirmer.

This project was supported, in part, by an award from 4Culture.


The More Things Change Exhibit Will Push Your Buttons  Review by Gogo Lidz in Newsweek.

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