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The CoCA Habit: Kendra Boblett

Posted by caroline on April 19, 2016

cursive speech (1).JPG

Kendra Boblett, Drunken Night Cursive Speech, 2016

CoCA brings to you a new habitual comic series, the CoCA Habit. With a long standing tradition of featuring up and coming artists, this series will feature Comic Makers from the Pacific Northwest and beyond, who make comics their daily practice. Sometimes political, sometimes personal, sometimes just hilarious, artists are choosing the method of comic making as a daily and life practice. This series will run through the blog, as well as in the newsletter, so make sure to look for periodicals from the artists.

Kendra Boblett: Exploring what it means to be a twenty something woman in today's society:

For CoCA's first CoCA Habit feature, we are excited to spotlight the work of multimedia artist Kendra Boblett. Kendra is currently working on her BFA as a senior at Cornish College of the Arts. Her work will be displayed at the Cornish BFA Show from April 29th to May 15th.

Coming from a high intensity emotional place, Kendra Watlov Boblett creates works that explore what it means to have extreme feelings as a 22 year old woman in today’s society. Drawing from the trauma of romanticizing people who would never love her back, her digital comics become a brutally honest way of talking about that emotional state. This piece in particular, titled Drunken Night Cursive Speech (2016) combines poetic lyrics from her song “romanticyze” and a flat 2D comic book layout. The piece talks about her experience of dating and romance in a society where talking about love is taboo and sex is expected on the first hangout.

“So my name is Kendra Watlov Boblett. I am from Minnesota and also I am in my Senior year at Cornish. All of my artwork comes from a high intensity emotional place and by creating work, it helps me release it some of the extreme feelings I have.

I draw digitally and with pen and paper, I create short videos and gifs, dabble in photography, create disturbing paintings, write constantly, and occasionally make music. I am currently working on my BFA doing watercolor and acrylic paintings of my skin. Scars, cuts, bruises, so on so forth. Skin doesn't lie about what has happened to it. This my way of just being brutally honest about how I feel. The digital comic like drawings of myself come from my complicated "love" life.

Cursive Speech is about how I have realized I was romanticizing people who would never love me the way I wanted them to. I was either too much for them or they weren't enough for me. Being a 22 year old woman in today's society where talking about love is taboo and sex is expected on the first hangout/date can really skew your thoughts on what dating and romance is supposed to be and feel like. I'm still trying to figure it out. The text from the piece, "Drunken nights cursive speech i'm not your plum or your peach, going down to the lake, i don't think i have had a favorite mistake", is from a song I wrote called "romanticyze" which can be found on my soundcloud at"

Check back throughout the next month for further highlights from the work of Kendra Boblett.

To see more of her work visit her instagram, facebook, soundcloud, or blog.

 Are you a a comic book artist interested in sharing a look at your daily art practice? Contact us at for the chance to be featured in CoCA Habit. 

Introducing this month's CoCA Star: Kree Arvanitas

Posted by caroline on April 7, 2016

kree arvanitas collage.jpg

Kree Arvanitas and "Endangered Mandala," mixed media collage on birch panel, detail.

While much has changed since CoCA began 35 years ago, one factor is consistent: numerous passionate individuals make up all that CoCA is. We couldn't have made it this far without you! To highlight our region's wealth of talent and ideas we are launching CoCA Star, a new spotlight for a CoCA member and/or volunteer that's gone above and beyond.

We are excited to have Kree Arvanitas as our very first CoCA Star profile. Kree is showing her art in 35 Live at PS35 and will be speaking about her work at Thursday's art walk. She's also a dedicated volunteer and in-kind donor (thanks for the laptop!). Her work uses acrylic, mixed media, altered photographs and collage, which suit her explorative Libran nature. While she's always drawn and illustrated the world around her, she finally became a "professional" within the last four years when encouraged by her uncle, the painter Nick Nickolds.

"I enjoy putting odd things together, working with varied styles and historical periods. Color, anachronism and humorous cues are implements I use to explore humanity in all its angelic and demonic aspects. Some of my paintings are lush expansions on the styles I have learned in my twenty years as a henna artist; others are meatier and less subtle representations of my anarchistic internal dialogue. The hope is that the viewer will share some of the elation I feel when under the spell of a provocative creative process."

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 12.24.07 PM.png

Kree Arvanitas and her daughter recently launched a quarterly arts magazine, Enzyme Arts.

2016 marks big changes for Kree: she's retiring to work on her art and travel, while also working with her daughter Emma K. Rose on a new online quarterly magazine, "Enzyme Arts," which has a distinctive focus on art, politics and alternative fashion. The first issue is already out and chocked full of articles and photo essays. Artists and writers of all kinds can meditate on their quarterly theme via print on demand or downloadable pdf plus they welcome submissions and are already at work on the next one. Check it out at

See more of Kree's artwork at RebelDog Studio. We love the odd things she puts together in her art and are so thankful for her time and enthusiasm for what we do. Thanks Kree, and keep up the great work!

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