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Warm Welcome to CoCA's Summer Interns

Posted by caroline on May 25, 2016

coca summer interns.jpg

Joining the Curatorial Cohort:

Swosti Rajbhandari Kayastha and Sara Elhaj are currently interning with CoCA as a part of their MA Program in Museum and Gallery Practice from University College London, Qatar. Back home, Swosti is a curator and Public Relations Officer at Nepal Art Council, Kathmandu Nepal, and holds a post graduate degree in Nepalese History, Culture & Archaeology. Sara spent her formative years in both the Middle East and Europe and is fluent in English and Arabic, then learned Italian during undergraduate studies at Goldsmiths College University of London and KLC School of Design. Sara and Swosti, alongside fellow students in their MA Program, completed an exhibition from concept design to exhibition with a private collection in one of the museums in Doha-Qatar. Check it out here.

Visitors and artists working with us this summer will have a chance to meet these wonderful additions to our team throughout June in the gallery and in other curatorial support roles.

Diving into the CoCA Archives:

Born and raised in Seattle, Greta Rainbow is currently an undergraduate at McGill University in Montreal, Canada studying Art History with minors in Cultural Studies and Religious Studies. We are very excited to have Greta join us for some hands-on work with the artifacts and ephemera in the CoCA Archives.


Interested in volunteering with CoCA? Contact us.

The CoCA Habit: Esther Doss

Posted by caroline on May 24, 2016

esther bea doss; dailies 3-27.png
Esther Doss, Untitled, 3/27 from Dailies series. Pencil on paper.

CoCA Habit’s second feature stars comic artist Esther Doss. Esther is a rising senior at Cornish College of the Arts, and her work is autobiographical in nature. As a habitual practice, she makes comics daily that become a way of recording and reflecting on her life. Sometimes funny, sometimes extremely personal, and usually ridiculously relatable we are proud to share her work this month on CoCA Habit. 

“My daily comics began as a diary practice and were not originally meant to be seen by the public. I make one every day, usually late at night when I’m slightly drunk. I’m a very solitary  person with a deep interest in how people connect with one another. I suppose by demanding that people, some of which don’t know me beyond my comics, read the intimate, secret things I wrote for myself I am trying to make connections in the only way I feel I can. It’s incredibly interesting for me, to see where people find the profound, relatable, and humorous moments in my documented life.”

Check out more of Esther's humorous and relatable sketches below, and follow her work on Instagram, and Tumblr.

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