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February 19, 2014

  • Sound & Video Performance, February 20
  • Call for New Board Members, February 25
  • Annual Membership Meeting, March 11
  • Nightmare Inductions continues through April 10

Part of ART@SDC Third Thursday Open Galleries. February 20, 5-9pm. Georgetown.

Benign Temporal Vertigo
Sound and Video by AJ Lindner

In perfect accompaniment to our current exhibit, AJ Lindner will perform a piece from his psychology influenced “brainwave entrainment-core” carhartech project. The piece explores the subjective experience of time through targeted and applied sensory exploitation. Brainwave entrainment technologies, and psychological prompting are embedded in the audio/video. Lindner is aware that he is employing techniques of subliminal coercion and induction purportedly used in the weaponization of mass media, advertisement, and cultic indoctrination, but assures audiences that the experience is intended to be ontological, not subjugating, in nature. Lindner has dedicated this piece to Fotamecus, the servitor of time manipulation.

AJ Lindner is a Seattle sound and video artist, curator, promoter, and experimental music advocate. His latest work is featured in the Storefronts Seattle project. Lindner's cathartech is an experimental media project that aims to meld music, psychology, technology, and occult processes into a unified force of functional audio – audio that produces altered states of consciousness through intention. For more information click here.

Showtimes are at 7pm and 8pm.

ART@SDC Third Thursday Open Galleries
Seattle Design Center 5701 Sixth Avenue S, Suite 258 98108
Free admission and parking. Open late until 9pm.
Join us for Seattle's second largest indoor art walk. 12 galleries in one unique building.

Help bring CoCA to the next level of success!

We are currently seeking qualified Board candidates (a mix of artists and non-artists) who are eager to help further CoCA's mission. Being on the CoCA Board is always exciting and extremely satisfying; there is real work to be done here that will have a significant impact on the continued growth of our beloved organization.

Collectively, the Board will help to:
• Support and further CoCA’s mission
• Provide leadership, oversight and fiscal stability to the organization
• Present exhibitions that inspire, question, reveal and further the field of contemporary art
• Develop, implement and manage grantable programs
• Develop and implement a strategic plan
• Seek funding to hire a full time Executive Director
• Seek funding to move or expand beyond the Seattle Design Center
• Oversee the hiring of staff and management of interns
• Participate in other activities related to day to day administration

For more information, including details on roles and responsibilities, financial and time commitments, please contact info@cocaseattle.org.

Applications are due by February 25, Board elections will be held March 11 at the Annual Membership Meeting. Everyone is welcome to attend!

For details about the agenda, to RSVP or to check your membership status Click here.

A subject's reaction to the Dreams of Teeth induction experience. Photo by Ted Hiebert.


So far, we've seen a range of strong reactions to the participatory works in Nightmare Inductions. One CoCA board member reported she'd had more nightmares since undergoing the Dreams of Teeth induction experience. Others say they found the experience enjoyable, and felt more relaxed and tranquil afterward.

Did you have an interesting reaction to the work? Let us know. Send an email to Lynn@CoCASeattle.org or post on our Facebook page

Seattle Design Center 5701 Sixth Avenue S, Suite 258 98108
Generally open M-F, 9am-5pm. Call ahead to confirm: 206.728.1980

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