In 2009, CoCA initiated this publication series as part of our ongoing campaign to expand our activities outside of the conventional gallery space and into the public realm.

These books make the exhibitions that we put on in our Belltown and Ballard Galleries and elsewhere accessible to a larger audience over a longer period of time than the lifetime of the actual show, and in a more physical, tactile form than the images on our website. Of course, buying our books also supports our operations and allows us to continue putting on these exhibitions.

In 2015, CoCA Past-President Ray C. Freeman III, who has designed all of these publications, was named Publisher by CoCA's Board of Directors. In this capacity, he will be seeking to extend the publication series further, both in content and distribution by partnering with other organizations, and by working with guest curators to seek out other inter-disciplinary collaboration projects to document artists' endeavors, movements, and other phenomena that may be of interest to our members and supporters. We will continue documenting CoCA exhibition projects as well.

These catalogs are high-quality books, printed on demand for us by lulu Publishing, and ordered directly from them.

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Inaugural Series

Catalog Heaven and Earth I

A significant exception is our inaugural publication in this series, the Archive Edition of our Heaven and Earth Catalog letterpress printed and hand bound by Carol Clifford of Orangehouse Press in a do-si-do format that opens from either side, responding to the Heaven and Earth theme. This catalog is a work of art in itself, beautiful in every detail from the hand-sewn covers to the letterpress pages on the editorial side of the book to the Indigo-process color plates on the artwork side. A unique book, to be sure, and available free of charge in limited quantities to qualifying organizations only.

Free to Arts & Public Service Organizations

250 copies of this book were paid for as part of an award from the City of Seattle's Department of Neighborhoods "Small and Simple" program, and are reserved for free distribution to libraries, arts organizations, and other groups that serve the public and/or the arts. If you qualify under this description, contact David Francis or Ray C. Freeman III to get a free copy.

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