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Flynn Bickley

Flynn Bickley is a Seattle based, mixed media sculpture and doll artist.  He uses the doll medium to explore themes like fantasy, pleasure, politics, food, his own queer, transgender identity and to celebrate our absurd and vibrant shared human condition.


Erika Reir

Using ink, watercolor, gouache, and paper I create work in a style I call folk surrealism. I’m focused
on developing a visual language which I have been building over the past decade, filled with pattern,
color, and line. Te narrative thread in my work is constantly evolving, each drawing is almost the
next page in a wordless book.


Todd Horton

My paintings have been largely influenced from time living abroad in Berlin and Japan. Horton’s
process of creating/destroying merge to create a magical poetical realism that is once enigmatic and
literal, opening the possibility of symbolic meanings. Yet the paintings are most importantly inviting and
“beautiful”, making us more sensitive to the world around us.

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Casey Curran

I look for patterns, I look for symmetry, and I look for how innovation shapes itself into our ever expanding systems of complexity and knowledge.  The work I create attempts to straddle these concepts surrounding chaos, pattern, and emergence. These are the pillars I search for, the hands that hold my metaphors.

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Julie Devine

My work is about spiritual experience in the landscape - those moments when the soul merges with the sky, the land, and light.


Dallas Cooper

My art is a reflection of where I am in my life, and is a direct and raw depiction of my emotions and feeling at that moment. The joy, angst, love and pain are brutally honest and upfront in my work. From the start to the finish of my art there is a journey and story being told.


Juli Adams

My paintings capture moments in time. I love the idea of condensing a story into one single image, or portrait. Life
doesn’t stop, but moments in time shape us. Every moment. My subjects do not know that they are art. They may not know they are being looked at. Sometimes my paintings look directly at you, waiting for a response.


Larry Calkins

Larry works with simple materials and objects that present some kind of history: rusted metal, found cloth, or scraps of wood. His typical paint medium is beeswax that he mixes with pigments.  Occasionally he carves his brushes from twigs and often, if an object he wants is not readily available, he will create it.

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Stephanie Hargrave

Hargrave approaches each piece without any pre-conceived idea; each painting grows naturally through the process of layering, decision making, eliminating, receding, assessing and at some point, knowing when to walk away. “I find beeswax to be inherently lovely, and work with it always mindful of how its natural beauty and transparency can coexist with my ideas and imagery.”


Kamari Bright

Though her medium of choice may vary, Bright creates with the belief that everything she creates is intended to foster understanding of self and surroundings.


Diego Suarez

Diego Suarez is a Seattle-based multimedia artist working in photography, collage, and painting.
Born in Cuauhtémoc, Mexico and raised in Santa Fe, NM, his bilingual and bi-cultural existence
has informed his desire to piece multiple sources into surreal worlds through the language of the


Curtis Ashby, CASH

Curtis Ashby is a painter and graphic designer living in the Pacific Northwest who specializes in hand drawn illustrations, logo design and brand identity. His bold, colorful imagery has been featured on everything from community murals, album covers, apparel and more.


Flora Ramirez Bustamante

Flora Ramirez Bustamante’s artwork is about fragmentation, shapes, broken forms, edges and more invisible areas. She is interested in repetition, space, layers, shape and edges.  All these elements steer her work toward a metaphor of imperfection, and the awkward beauty that comes out from the collision of all these elements, her painting interests and attitudes.


Aramis Hamer

I am a splash acrylic painter and muralist who loves making a mess. As an emerging artist, I spend majority of my days in the studio creating the colorful images that are slowly becoming my signature style. The basic themes found in my work are strong color contrasts, exaggerated subject matter and drip techniques where I try to stretch the boundaries of surreal, pop, and abstract art. Integrating imagery of my people and urban landscapes reflects the environment in which I was raised. I love to incorporate spray paint related to my admiration of street art. Music is definitely one of my main inspirations. Songs are like stories that continue to inspire my work. Now, it’s time to tell my story.

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Leah Gerrard

I am influenced by my immediate surroundings: the industrial districts of Seattle and the forests of Washington. I have worked in hundred-year-old buildings full of Seattle’s history, and also spent many hours in the woods. In Washington, I am able to continually move from industry to nature—and my work reflects that flow, growth, and tension.

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Talia Silveri Wright

Most of my work remains ephemeral, temporary, and free. I lead a practice called Minis In Situ, where I create street art in specific environments for passersby to view or collect. All installations are documented and shared through social media and print, contributing to an ongoing collection. Minis In Situ is a steadfast body of work that serves as a catalyst for other artistic pursuits.

Gabriel Marquez

Gabriel Marquez creates drawings, sculpture and paintings that explore motion, stillness, and the
progression and digression of lines in a pictorial realm that wanders between emptiness and fullness.
Known for his intricate line drawings of fantastically surreal beings and dreamscapes, Marquez often
works intuitively and allows the markings he creates to bring about the final outcome of the composition’s

Leslie West

Jeff Mihalyo

Jazz Brown

Kyle Rees

Braden Duncan

Jean Bradbury