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Mike Dondanville: Paintings From The Maw

A Life in Painting

Michael Dondanville was an artist born and raised in the Seattle area who produced hundreds of pieces of art almost entirely for his own amusement. Self taught, never part of the Seattle art scene, Mike created oil paintings using whatever materials he could get his hands on, mostly cheap boards and strips of canvas.

Despite these apparent limitations, his works of art provide a rare glimpse into the depths of the human imagination, drawing on everything from mythological archetypes to mathematical abstractions. The result is at times alternately beautiful, surreal, and nightmarishly grotesque, as if a reflection of the many contradictory facets of the mind exploded onto a canvas.

This, coupled with his vivid eye for color and affinity for almost topographical textures, make the paintings of Michael Dondanville something not to be missed, and yet they have never been shown outside of the occasional commercial mural or home of a friend or family member.

Now for the first time since his untimely passing in January of this year, CoCA is proud to present a retrospective of Mike's oil paintings, spanning over twenty five years and drawn from a selection of over 200 pieces, this exhibition showcases the multifaceted abilities of a previously unknown painter in all his stages of artistic development.

Thursday, July 11, 6-9pm
CoCA Ballard Gallery
Shilshole Bay Beach Club
6413 Seaview Avenue N.W., Seattle, WA 98107