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CoCA Lab: plex-us by La Sala
to Jan 9

CoCA Lab: plex-us by La Sala

CoCA Lab: plex-us by La Sala


This exhibition is now closed. Please enjoy the original soundscape by Jovino Santos Neto.



Michelle de la Vega and Jovino Santos Neto

CoCA is proud to announce that the next CoCA Lab will be a partnership with La Sala, an initiative to coalesce and mobilize the Latino/Latina arts community.

Residency: October 1, 2014
Exhibition Closes: January 9, 2015. Open M-F 10a-4p CoCA Georgetown

Beginning October 1, 2014, composer Jovino Santos Neto and visual artist Michelle de la Vega collaborated to create a large-scale sculpture and sound installation entitled plex∙ us which focuses on the unique economic, cultural and environmental strengths and challenges of the communities around CoCA.


plex∙us is a large scale sculpture and sound installation created by visual artist Michelle de la Vega in collaboration with composer Jovino Santos Neto. The piece is inspired by the environment, languages, and cultures of Seattle's South Park neighborhood.

The installation combines recorded voices from the South Park community with music and artwork created by neighborhood engagement labs in the Duwamish River area.

Through sculpture and sound, the project explores several types of plexuses (networks) that relate to the area, such as the plexus of a fishing net, the plexus of a community of people, neighborhood streets, natural ecosystems, and the plexus that travels through time embodied by the heritage of people and of place.

Included in the exhibition is artwork created by 115 Chief Sealth High School art students from a workshop conducted by artist Michelle de la Vega in which the students explored their personal sense of place as related to their neighborhoods and their classroom community. These concepts were examined through a process of writing, drawing, sculpture, and collage.

Exhibition Closes Friday, January 9
5701 6th Ave S | Seattle Design Center, Suite P258 | 98108
Free admission and parking. Gallery hours: Mon-Fri, 10am-4pm


Thank you

plex∙us is generously supported by 4Culture, City of Seattle’s Department of NeighborhoodsThe Seattle FoundationCornish College of the Arts. In partnership with Marra Farm



Jovino Santos Neto

I am very grateful to everyone who has made this project a reality. First and foremost, my artistic partner in, Michelle de la Vega. It has been a joy collaborating with her throughout the whole process. We were in total synchrony of ideas, from the initial concepts to the final stages of fabrication and installation. I wish every artistic partnership would be this easy.

Irene Gomez, Miguel Guillén and the whole team at La Sala for initiating the idea that connected me to Michelle and for coordinating the complex logistics of the grants that allowed us to do this.

Many thanks to my wife Luzia Grob dos Santos, who was involved in documenting each stage of the project and in providing essential aesthetic advice.

Very special thanks to Kyong Soh from Marra Farm, for introducing me to so many people from the South Park community who let me record their voices. Kyong was always very open and receptive, and because of her, the human sounds of South Park, along with other environmental sonorities (water, wind, airplanes, cars) became the core of the whole musical component of

Thanks to James Rasmussen from the Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition for his inspiring talk to the community at Marra Farm back in June, from which I extracted many samples of sounds for my music tracks.

Also, special thanks go to Ruby Fontillea, Education & Leadership Coordinator at Concord International School. It was a pleasure to work with their young students and to share musical ideas with them. I was touched by their celebration of Brazilian culture in my honor.

Special thanks to Cornish students Thomas Reyna, who played some beautiful flute sounds, and to Will Smith, who designed the hardware and software foundation for the music setup in the CoCA Gallery space.

Thanks to Nichole DeMent and all the staff at CoCA for giving a home where it will live for several weeks.

What I tried to do here was to translate the multicultural landscape of South Park into music. I was inspired by the many languages spoken in this neighborhood, and also by the sounds of the Duwamish River, the airplanes flying overhead, the industries. I added piano, keyboards, flutes, and lots of sound textures to create the music that is embedded inside Michelle’s delicate and powerful sculptures. I hope that this installation will inspire everyone to listen more closely to his or her surroundings and to be more aware of the environment we live in.

About CoCA Lab: Artists in Residence

CoCA Lab provides individual artists or artist teams the opportunity to transform our current 5,000 square foot gallery in Georgetown into a living art laboratory. Artists are invited by CoCA curators and have included filmmaker Adam Sekuler, visual artist Alan Fulle, and installation artist Celeste Cooning since its inception in April 2014.


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CoCA Lab: Celeste Cooning
to Sep 5

CoCA Lab: Celeste Cooning

CoCA Lab: Artist in Residence


Celeste Cooning

In partnership with Pratt Fine Arts Center, we are proud to present Building Bridges, a retrospective of Celeste Cooning's work at our gallery in Georgetown.


Photo by Bob Suh

August 21 - September 5

Celeste creates site-specific installations to adorn storefronts, city parks, special events, and most recently the stage. Known for her cut paper works, Celeste has collaborated with Seattle’s zoe|juniper in their premier of BeginAgain at On the Boards. Her first permanent metal sculpture, Bounty, functions as a threshold for Jackson Park Trail in North Seattle with support from 1% for Public Art and the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture, harkening to the lush, abundant beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

CoCA Lab: Artist in Residence

In which CoCA invites an artist, or group of artists, to transform the 5,000 square feet of Georgetown gallery space into an art laboratory.

Celeste is currently the recipient of Pratt Fine Art Center 2014-2015 Artbridge Fellowship.

Celeste will be at the gallery frequently, Tuesday-Friday, 10am-4pm. CoCA is open to the public and encourages dropping in, so the public may visit, explore the art and chat with the artist. 

 This project was supported, in part, by an award from 4Culture.

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Heaven & Earth VI: As Above, So Below
to Oct 20

Heaven & Earth VI: As Above, So Below

From July 12 - October 20, 2014, CoCA will present its sixth annual experimental outdoor art exhibition, Heaven & Earth VI, which will live and evolve in the urban forest of North Seattle’s beautiful Carkeek Park.

Sponsored by Carkeek Park Advisory Council (CPAC) and Seattle Parks and Recreation, this public art exhibition will offer visitors artistic interpretations of this year’s theme, As Above, So Below, displayed in three main outdoor galleries within the 200-acre park. By focusing the art in more public spaces, the exhibition addresses accessibility concerns for the less mobile and helps protect the art.

The works have been chosen by CoCA Curator and local artist, Thendara M. Kida-Gee, in consultation with Seattle Parks and Recreation, "We are delighted to facilitate this event with 16 inspired artists who will create a menagerie of site specific art in nature, from 15 foot tall knitted flowers by Suzanne Tidwell, to an intricate 10 foot skull crafted from materials found in the park by 3D printing artist Joshua Harker." This unique collaboration between the city and a contemporary arts organization has resulted in an innovative and exciting annual event built on the long-standing support for public art in the Northwest.

This year’s artists are:

Teresa Burrelsman-SternMary CossElisa Berry FonsecaJoshua HarkerMichael Todd HarrisonTerra HolcombTom HughesFred LisaiusSavina MasonLucy Mae MartinDeanna Pindell,  Kristin Schimik,Megan TreasureSusanne TidwellKen TurnerAllyce Wood

Installation Week: July 5 – July 11, 2014    Come witness the creation of live, site-specific outdoor art.

Opening Reception: Saturday, July 12, 2pm – 5pm    Tour the exhibit and meet the artists. Tour begins at the Carkeek Park Environmental Learning Center, 1000 Carkeek Park Road, Seattle WA 98177

Exhibition is open daily dawn till dusk July 12 through October 20.  Maps and information are available online: and at

Learn more about the participating artists and follow their journey at:

 This project was supported, in part, by an award from 4Culture.


Outdoor Public Art to See Now

These 10 alfresco artworks have either just been installed or are on their way out. Here’s what to marvel at before they’re gone.

Sky Feeder by Teresa Stern
Every year since 2009, Seattle art fans get the chance to wander through Carkeek Park to marvel at art that, fittingly, references nature: “eco-artworks,” the exhibition organizers call them. (The show, presented by the Center on Contemporary Art, is called “Heaven and Earth.”) One of this year’s standouts, installed earlier this summer, is Teresa Stern’s Sky Feeder: 238 round mirrors, mounted on dowels (like flowers on stems), facing the sky. The mirrors, arranged in concentric circles, step down toward the center of the formation, creating a sloping reflecting pool that, the artist says, “gathers in the sky.”

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2014 Annual Juried Exhibition
to Aug 1

2014 Annual Juried Exhibition


PostGlamism: Glam Art in the 21st Century

Gallery Open M-F, 10am-4pm. 
Closing this Friday, August 1

Read the review of PostGlamism by Gayle Clemans, The Seattle Times.

CoCA Georgetown at the Seattle Design Center
5701 Sixth Avenue South, Suite 258. 98108

Part of ART@SDC Third Thursday Open Galleries
10 galleries, 3 fountains, 1 unique building
5pm-9pm, Free admission and parking.

From May 15 – August 1, 2014, CoCA will present the 24th Annual juried exhibition celebrating this year’s theme, PostGlamism: Glam Art in the 21st Century. 

Each year, CoCA curators invite an independent juror to select the work from among the entries received, and is proud to have Michael Sweney as the 2014 juror. Sweney currently serves as Manager for the Art in Public Places Program with the Washington State Arts Commission. A member of the Tacoma Arts Commission and Tacoma Art Museum’s Collection Committee, Sweney’s work is informed by almost 20 years experience as an art dealer and curator in New York City (Charles Cowles Gallery) and Seattle (Davidson Contemporary).

The exhibition features the work of 14 artists who embrace and glorify the concept of PostGlamism pop culture and history through a mastery of mediums in both small and large scale including: neon, glass, painting, photography, interactive video installation, found objects and performance.

2014 Annual artists are: Karen Clark (CA), Dixie Darling (WA), Christian French (WA), Jeff Gerber (WA), Troy Gua (WA), Vin Hill (WA), Virginia Jenkins (WA), Lauren Kalman (MI), Rebecca Maxim (WA), Lindsay McCoy (WA), Dylan Neuwirth (WA), Hadley Northrop (CA), Matthew D. Rowe (WA), and Glenn Tramantano (WA). 

Congratulations to the juror award winners:

Christian French: First Prize
Dylan Neuwirth: Runner Up
Lindsay McCoy: Honorable Mention

From Juror Michael Sweney about his process:

 "I was looking for work that seemed to embrace the very idea of 'glam', not just works with glitter or disco balls. What I mean is that GLAM - even at its consumerist core - was an experience; it was fashion, music, performance, attitude. I also considered the concept of 'post' glam, and wanted to choose works that updated, or referenced glam in a contemporary context.

So, how did that work? Take Lindsay McCoy. Her photo sessions of over-the-top fashionistas in bright clothes with even-brighter makeup seem both self-conscious and genuine. There is so much fun in the photos, and the sheer number of images forces you to inhabit their world. Live Forever, Dylan Neuwirth's gorgeous neon diamond, glows throughout the CoCA space, coating walls and corners, reflecting in windows and picture frames. You experience it even when you're looking at something else, but it's not obnoxious; it's smooth and sexy. Like McCoy's photos, it is self-aware, as if it knows it's not truly glam, but acting glam. Maybe that's the essence of post-glam, not parody but reverence.

Then there was Christian French's inhabiting work, Doctrine of the Void with Alan Watts (club mix). I was dancing to the disco beat (or, really, re-mixed updated disco) echoing through the space before I ever saw it. Turning the corner, the funky bass was joined by an all-out, in-your-face disco ball (yes, dammit, he actually put one in his piece). Approaching it, you encounter the shiny trophy-and-magic-glitter-helmut shrine. Say what? It's an homage to consumerism, to the culture of fetishism, and it rocks. The trophies themselves are embossed with invented aphorisms, would-be Buddhist koans that reward anyone who takes the time to pay attention, and that's the point."

2014 CoCA Annual is made possible with generous support from: 4CultureAllied Arts Foundation,Seattle FoundationOverbeck Real EstateArtistic Media GroupElysian BrewingJuniper FlowersSky River MeadSparkle Donkey, CoCA members, volunteers and donors.

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to May 5

CoCA Lab: Adam Sekuler

Artist in Residence, April 17 - May 5

Introducing the CoCA Lab, CoCA's new artist residency program, in which we invite an artist, or group of artists, to transform our Georgetown gallery space into an art laboratory. Our first CoCA Lab resident was Seattle's own award-winning filmmaker and curator, Adam Sekuler.

Adam Sekuler is a filmmaker and curator, who has organized touring programs of retrospectives and premiere feature films throughout North America. His films have screened at festivals, museums, and galleries throughout the world. His short film Pathe Ballet won a prize at the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

While in residence at CoCA, Adam worked on an exhibition of excerpts from his current documentary WORK IN PROGRESS, which documents the current state of the American workforce through two-minute, single-shot profiles of 45-80 laborers, showing their movements and patterns.

He used CoCA as a hub to investigate some of the industrial labor located along the Duwamish and in the South end of Seattle and was able to film in the Seattle Design Center's unusual atrium. Adams's residency ran April 17 - May 3, 2014

"My residency at CoCA was exactly what I needed at this phase of my creative process. Not only did it expose my work to an entirely new community of art lovers, it also provided me with a space to explore the industrial area of the South end of Seattle. I can't thank them enough for their generosity." ~Adam Sekuler

MVI 8465 copy from Adam Sekuler on Vimeo.


More About CoCA Lab, Artist Residency Program

CoCA serves the Pacific Northwest as a catalyst and forum for the advancement, development, and understanding of Contemporary Art. At the heart of our mission is the artist’s creative project, therefore we are pleased to announce this new program that further serves our mission by providing direct support for artistic creativity and the community discourse around it in our new CoCA Lab.

The CoCA Lab is an artist-in-residence program which provides space for an artist, or an artist group, to inspire and be inspired while generating new work, as well as collaborate and share it with a wider audience. It also becomes an opportunity for CoCA supporters and visitors to learn about the creative process and get a glimpse into the mystery that is a creative life.

Please stand by for information about how to apply for a CoCA Lab residency.

 This project was supported, in part, by an award from 4Culture.

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Nightmare Inductions
to Apr 11

Nightmare Inductions

Noxious Sector Arts Collective

January 16 - April 11, 2014

CoCA is pleased to present Nightmare Inductions, a series of interactive installations by the arts collective Noxious Sector. With the aid of brain wave entraining sound and video, participants are guided through a shared trance induction experience. Each experience focuses on a common nightmare theme. Three separate themes are offered in three induction areas: Dreams of Falling; Dreams of Teeth; and Noxious Sector's most recent creation, Forgetting.

Included in each installation are artworks by Noxious Sector, and imagery created by past collaborators in response to the experiences. These are offered as aids to willing participants, as well as further meditations on each theme.

Noxious Sector Arts Collective intends Nightmare Inductions to "challenge the imaginative willingness of the audience while exploring the creative possibilities for induction-based artworks. We think of induction as a second-order thought experiment—not simply an idea contemplated passively in one's own mind, but an experience implanted by visualization and self-hypnosis techniques." This series of artworks is also an opportunity for audiences to gain a broader general understanding of the capacities and vulnerabilities of the human mind.

Noxious Sector is an ongoing collaboration among Canadian artists Jackson 2bears, Ted Hiebert (currently based in Seattle), and Doug Jarvis. Their projects are dedicated to the exploration of questions of the imaginative, the paranormal, and the absurd. Their work attempts to redefine the meaning of artistic possibility through extended propositions that challenge consensual norms while provoking stimulating forums for dialogue and discourse. Their particular focus is on challenging the boundaries between the imaginary and the everyday, and building from stories of strange science and the paranormal from which to wonder about the creative possibilities of speculative living. More on Noxious Sector:

Curated by Lynn Schirmer.

 This project was supported, in part, by an award from 4Culture.

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