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12/07/ 2016 Seattle Weekly: "When She Dies, You Too Will Die," Confronts America's Indigenous History
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11/25/2016 The Stranger: Christine Babic, A Child of the Exxon Valdez, Makes Fighting Art in the Time of Standing Rock
11/9/2016 Seattle Weekly: Robert Ernst Marx’s Ambiguous Pairings of Image and Text Are an Antidote to the Meme
11/2016 The Stranger: Considering the Voluntary Absence of God

08/22/2016 City Arts: Joan Jett at White River, Sheer Mag at El Corazon, 'What You See is What You Sweat' at CoCA
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07/13/2016: Couch-Surfing Center on Contemporary Art Gets a Center
07/11/2016: Upcoming Events
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04/06/2015 International Examiner: Exhibition showcases diversity of Hong Kong’s contemporary art
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02/13/2015 The More Things Change Exhibit Will Push Your Buttons

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09/25/2009 Seattle Times: 'Across the Divide' at CoCA offers goodies, oddities 

07/31/2009 Seattle Times:Walking with purpose through a blend of art and nature at Carkeek Park